I was born in Athens, Greece in 1982, where i currently live and work as a photographer and camera operator. I have a BA in Photography and an MA in Design. I first picked up a camera when i was 18years old, and started documenting my surroundings, which at the time was Action sports. The decisive moment was from the very beginning a crucial element of my visual language. After finishing school I collaborated with domestic and foreign action Sports publications as well as brands like Carhartt, Etnies and Red Bull. At the same time, I couldn't just devote my time on one specific genre or view of the world visually, so i began documenting my lifelong relationship with the sea and the relationship between the architecture of necessity and the human form on the Islands of the Aegean. Thats how "Salty" was created. It turned out to be one of my favourite projects and the one that will never be complete. Inspired by the observation of architectural remnants and the form of manmade and natural structures, I can't help but capture all that seems beautifully foreign in a land i believe to know so well until proven otherwise. It is after all "Things i have photographed in my life so far". "Picked" came to fruition recently when i decided i wanted more control conceptually, over my images. By observing my own habits i discovered a lot of unnecessary food waste. Every week i found at least a couple of rotten fruit and vegetables in my kitchen. I always knew it was a problem, but after researching the numbers on the matter, it became apparent it is a problem of a grand scale. I thought maybe I could inspire some change by capturing the decomposition in a detailed and immediate matter.
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I am based in Athens, and available for hire, in commercial as well as non-profit projects.
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