I was reading an article online the other day that said: "The cosmetic standards of fruit and vegetables are too high."How ridiculous is it, that we live in a world where this sentence makes sense. Yet food is not perfect, on the contrary, off the branch apples are dusty, scratched and pocked with insect bites. Perfectly imperfect one might say. Off the shelf apples are smooth, shiny red, round and with no scarring. So really, food waste comes down to personal responsibility, much like everything else in this world where you can easily blame someone else for your wrong-doing. I think it's time for a change and we cant keep waiting for someone else to do the obvious for us which is to think globally and act locally. Think about your community. Throwing food away impacts more people, animals and plants than you think it does and not just in your hometown or country. This is the story of the ones left to rot, beautifying their abandonment by sadly acknowledging the irony that comes with this action.